Choose Your Level!

You can select a level that best suits your budget!


The Dreams box is the most economic option at $39! Perfect for those who just need a little sprinkle of magic every month! (Example shown is Disney fandom)

$39.00 - $117.00


The Wishes box is a mid-level box @ $49! When you want just a little more than a Dreams box but aren't quite ready to jump to the Fantasy level or above. (Example shown is Harry Potter fandom)

$49.00 - $147.00


Our most popular box @ $59! This box is packed full of magic sure to be cherished! (Example shown is Disney fandom)

$59.00 - $177.00


The Imagination level is our most requested price point @ $99! This box is perfect for those who want a little bit more than our Fantasy box, but do not need a designer item each month! (Example shown is Marvel fandom)

$99.00 - $297.00

Ultimate Magic

The Ultimate Magic box has it all for $119! This box includes a range of items, and is for the ultimate fan who would like to see a designer item included! (Example shown is Star Wars fandom)

$119.00 - $357.00